2. Czech Open Pardubice

CZECH OPEN Pardubice

The Festival is under the auspices of the Pardubice region manager Martin Netolicky and Pardubice City manager Martin Charvat.

Tournament specification of CZECH OPEN Pardubice 2020

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Follow-up tournaments - First Saturday

3 major chess tournaments in a row in Eastern Europe in September-October

  • 5th - 15th September 2020: Hungary Budapest, First Saturday, GM-IM-Nadassy Scheveningen
  • 17th - 28th September 2020: CZECH OPEN Pardubice
  • 3rd - 13th October 2020: Hungary Budapest, First Saturday

Official website: www.firstsaturday.hu

E-mail: e-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net

WhatsApp: +36-30-230-1914

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