2. About Czech Republic

About Czech Republic

Basic information

  • Area: 78 867 sq. km (30 451 sq miles)
  • Capital: Prague (Praha)
  • Length of state border: 2,290 km
  • Population: 10,850,620 (2023)
  • Population density: 136 inhabitants/sq. km
  • Time zone: Central European Time (C.E.T.)
  • Political system: Parliamentary democracy
  • European Union and Schengen member
  • Currency: Koruna (Kc) - Czech crown (CZK)
  • President: Petr Pavel
  • National flag
  • National Symbol

Legislative conditions of travelling to the Czech Republic

  • Countries with Visa Waiver Regime
  • Information about Visas
  • List of the Czech Embassies
  • All people who ask the invitation for getting visa are obliged to be accommodated through the organizer.
  • If someone needs a police verified invitation for getting visa to the Czech Republic, it is necessary to keep following instructions:
    • Complete an application form on https://www.czechtour.net/applications/.
    • Send us an application form with one’s name (according to passport), date and place of birth, passport number, chosen tournaments (all players must have FIDE ID), accommodation request, date of arrival in and departure from the Czech Republic, postal address (no P.O. Box), telephone number for getting package from DHL.
    • After receiving the participation confirmation you will be asked to send us an advance on visa arrangement (usually in the amount of 100 EUR for each person) on our account. The organizer will pay verification and DHL service from this payment. Each participant will pay the rest of his starting fee and accommodation after his arrival.
    • Before asking visa it is necessary to arrange the travel health insurance for period of stay in the Czech Republic.
    • Visa arranging takes abt. 30 days, so it is necessary to ask for it in time.

Interesting sites about the Czech Republic

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