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Discount offer of the membership in the Internet Chess Club (ICC)

The Internet Chess Club (ICC - www.chessclub.com) is the longest running, most popular, and best place to play chess on the Internet. With more than 200,000 games played every day, the ICC is the place to be for online chess.

Organizers of 9th International Chess Festival Series CZECH TOUR 2009/2010, in association with the Internet Chess Club (ICC), are proud to announce an exclusive ICC discounted membership offer, available only to players participating in one of the tournaments of the CZECH TOUR 2009/2010. As a CZECH TOUR player, you can purchase a full year ICC membership for just 30 Euros. A 39% discount over ICC’s retail price of 49 Euros.

How to apply:

To obtain your 1 year ICC membership, simply add 30 Euros to your CZECH TOUR entry fee, and notify the CZECH TOUR of this, indicating your full name and ICC username. (If you don’t have an ICC username, create one at ICC’s web site at www.chessclub.com)

If you already paid your CZECH TOUR entry fee, no problem, simply send 30 Euros to its organizers indicating your full name and ICC username and we’ll give you the ICC membership.

For more information contact j.mazuch@avekont.cz or ruy@chessclub.com

The Internet Chess Club
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